About Food Truck Heaven

  • One stop shop located in South Florida
  • Excellent staff including welders, fabricators, electricians, and plumbers
  • Full machine shop   
  • 5 year warranty on labor
  • New and Used equipment available
  • International shipping



Equipment Installation

There is a big list of equipment you will need in order to run your mobile business.

Here at FTH, we make sure all of the equipment fits perfectly with your floor plan.


Electricity is very powerful. It can also be a safety hazard.

Here at FTH, our safety standards have reduced electrical hazards that can potentially cause death, injury and property damage.


There are possible Health concerns in a mobile business just like any other business.

Here at FTH, We follow strict plumbing and health guidelines to help ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene.

Fire Suppression

A fire can damage your mobile business, leading to loss of income and even permanent closure.

Here at FTH, we follow strict fire safety guidelines to help prevent fires and minimize damage.

If you can dream it, we can build it.